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I don't know what MHC types means, but in regards to the so-called 
homgeneity of the immune systems, I would highly reccomend you read 
"Guns, Germs and Steel" _ the authors name escapes me at present ( 
Jarred ?).
In any event, the hypothesis is that what gave Whitey a genetic 
advantage over others with regards to immunity to disease, is that the 
Europeeans had co-evolved in very close proximity to their domestic 
animals like pigs and cows, animals not indigenouus in the Americas. As 
a result, they had evolved immunities to the diseases caught from those 
animals, while the "Americans" had not.

On Monday, March 10, 2003, at 11:28 PM, Anne Schwarz wrote:

> Hello~
> I am an art student at the Rhode Island School of Design.  Right now I 
> am working on a piece that is based on information I found in an 
> article in the Atlantic Monthly's March 2002 issue about America 
> before Columbus.  The article covered many of the permaculture 
> practices that the Amerindians used, particularly in the Amazon.  It 
> also covered the many epidemics that wiped out their population.  I am 
> particularly interested in a statement about the South American 
> population's immune system being different in that it was unusually 
> homogonous compared to other cultures.
> If anybody knows more about this or anything to do with MHC types, I 
> would be greatly interested in knowing more.  I am trying to create a 
> diagram(s) relating the homogenous MHC types in Amerindians and how it 
> relates to the Europeans they were encountering, as well as relating 
> it to the cultural differences between the two worlds.
> I know this is tangental to the permaculture list, but any information 
> or help people could give me would be most appreciated!
> Thanks so very much,
> Anne Schwarz
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