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Hello Lawrence, we live in the Corbières, a set of foothills to the Pyrenées
(that create the natural border between France and Spain). It's unknown
Mediteranean France (ie not Provence), naturally grand, especially to an
Englishman used to dense populations.

I remember you mentioning 'Microcosmos' before, but sadly I've still not
seen it - though from reports (no voice-over) it does allow you to enter in
to the lives of the insects filmed. Culturally I'm ambivalent to the French,
though I don't mean that in any perjorative way, there's much to admire
here. I'd like to join in your commendation of French composers but after
Satie and Debussy, and some Gregorian Chant I'd probably only add Berlioz,
who I greatly admire - curiously, I'm currently more interested in Philip
Glass and Steve Reich - Americans!

I also recall your affection for Alan Chadwick and his methods incorporating
many of the French techniques from the productive market gardens that used
to surround Paris. Again, I'd express a preference for Emilia Hazelip, who
learnt from some of Chadwick's students at Santa Cruz and from Ruth Stout's
books while in the US, then re-imported them to France, stirring in a heavy
dose of Fukuoka for her Synergistic Agriculture. She was a neighbour and
friend here in the Corbières until her sudden death last month.

But France? Well, the Corbières does feel like home, which is more than can
be said for French friends living in the UK, who are having a tough time of
it right now.


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jamie wrote:
> Hello Darko, Roland Bunch has been doing excellent work for many years in
> Honduras using green mulches and cover crops
> http://www.echonet.org/tropicalag/knowledgebank/EDN_articles/edn_58_1.htm
> for a brief insight into his work, or download a 19 page report from
> http://ppathw3.cals.cornell.edu/mba_project/moist/roland.pdf.
> Jamie
> Souscayrous


I know you are from France but from what region? There was  a wondrous movie
made called Microcosmos,
about wildlife in a verdant hilly area with stream and pasture on some farm
in France. Have you seen
it and do you know anything about the area where it was made? It is one of
the best nature documentaries ever made.
I only wish they had included more aquatic and wetland footage.

Anyone who has not seen this should get a copy; it is truly inspirational
and from a country that produced Satie, Ravel,
Debussy, Jennie Tourel, Machaud, Dufay, Alain, Cocherau, a tradition of
Gregorian chant and many other musicians, singers and composers;
and the french intensive market gardening method.

Maybe we can help this list experience a spring awakening.

lfl at intrex.net

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