Anne Schwarz sennaflight at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 10 23:28:51 EST 2003

I am an art student at the Rhode Island School of Design.  Right now I am 
working on a piece that is based on information I found in an article in the 
Atlantic Monthly's March 2002 issue about America before Columbus.  The 
article covered many of the permaculture practices that the Amerindians 
used, particularly in the Amazon.  It also covered the many epidemics that 
wiped out their population.  I am particularly interested in a statement 
about the South American population's immune system being different in that 
it was unusually homogonous compared to other cultures.

If anybody knows more about this or anything to do with MHC types, I would 
be greatly interested in knowing more.  I am trying to create a diagram(s) 
relating the homogenous MHC types in Amerindians and how it relates to the 
Europeans they were encountering, as well as relating it to the cultural 
differences between the two worlds.

I know this is tangental to the permaculture list, but any information or 
help people could give me would be most appreciated!

Thanks so very much,
Anne Schwarz

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