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A Proposal for an Instant Community

In the sense that most intentional communities take a much longer

amount of time to become established, and many of which also

are involved with invention in design, building, aesthetics and other

activities which reduce actual onsite food supply, this proposal

is to form a community far more quickly and efficiently.

I am thus looking for buyers of these lots who are very

interested in growing sufficient foods as the FIRST priority.

It is possible, as I describe here, that the economy may rapidly

reach a very limited state for use of finances for most people.

The idea here is that each owner is completely in legal control

of his purchased lot, it is NOT a community in that sense.

It is however a community, in the sense that it creates an

INSTANT neighborhood, of those who share this common

goal of health and organic living.




I am looking for the following:

A surveyed development with lots of 2 to 20 acres each.

This is to be a low cost purchase, so these lots are undeveloped,

intentionally so, the price is much lower, power, telephone, etc.

need not be to each lot line.

Water should be within 5 miles to a sufficient community water

supply at low cost. Of course wells, and closer water is much

desired, so that these distant limits are open to negotiation.

Rainfall in the vicinity is also a factor.

The point is to begin cultivation immediately upon purchase,

using temporary living units, not the reverse (not spending a

year or more building a home BEFORE gardening or farming.)

At least a total of 5 separate lots to be purchased by others.

I am looking for both Americans and Europeans, and think that

this Permaculture group is a good place to make such a posting.


Let me explain the purpose of the community.

It is to supply individual lots for each owner-investor at minimum

cost, to be purchased soon.

The economic picture is very much a catalyst for this search.

You may be a couple or others, singles who have financial

resources for this and have been living in cities, etc. most of

your lives.

Your desire to establish a secure and healthy living site can

be accomplished with minimum cost and minimum time.

You are beginning to foresee greater business losses as 

affecting you more and more directly in the near future.

Organic Community with One Consensus Goal:

To provide as soon as possible an ample food supply of the

highest quality grown food crops, and medicinal herbs.

You must already have attached importance to diet and

healthy living as a priority in your own future.

I am looking for individual buyers who can buy at least

5 lots in a concentrated but inexpensive development.

I am currently in Arizona.

I have found such developments of 2 to 10 acre lots in

Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Texas, so far though I am

still travelling and looking for other such places.

These lots, some of them are very inexpensive and can

be bought outright:

2 to 5 acres for $5,000 to $15,000 for example.

RV use on the lots and other temporary and mobile housing

is permitted.

This latter is an important point.

Zoning restrictions should not be extensive for such a purpose.

On the other hand, I am looking for people who do NOT want

to spend several years putting all their energy into unique and

unusual dwellings.

They MUST see food and a renewable energy, power system

onsite as the FIRST priority.

Such groups as Earthships in Taos, and other building groups,

strawbale, cob, etc. are all very useful for the future, but many

of these people spend most of their energy designing and building

these homes for several years.

I believe the economy may soon make such an activity far more


You must have respect for organic foods, permaculture being one

of several very useful approaches, and I realize this discussion

group has many people within it who know a great deal about

these methods, all of which are organic, non-chemical.


In Summary:

The Community is simply a way of creating an instant rural

neighborhood where your neighbors share a basic goal of

maximizing health and foods in the short term.

It is a hedge against a severe economic depression which seems

to be looming.

Europeans are involved in permaculture and some of these

other groups I have been writing to with this same proposal.

I hope to find such property buyers soon.

Obviously climate is an important factor.

Therefore I am considering mainly the Southwestern US at

this point.

Stages of Further Progress at the Community

A series of business ideas based on organic foods and

herbs would be explained as self sufficiency for owners

is attained.

Even as the economy worsens, the most secure businesses

are and will be, based on foods, the first necessity in living.

The organic foods and herbal markets are booming in spite

of downturns in almost every other sector.

I have already formulated a list of business products, processes,

and other for-profit concepts and encourage others to do the


Each lot owner is just like any property owner, in this plan.

The only difference is that a few basic agreements will be

the same for all:  especially organic farming and other health

related systems concerning water, waste systems and

clean energy.

Other than that, there are no restrictions, as in fact there are

with most intentional communities which are often based

on political or social reaction to a particular aspect of urban


This Proposal is to provide a cheap, second home, very

quickly and  efficiently which can supply as good, or better

foods and health than the owners currently provide in their

respective cities.

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