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Dictionary definition: Phenology - the science dealing with the influence of
climate on the recurrence of such annual phenomena of animal and plant life
as bird migrations. budding etc. phenologically, phenologist

So I suppose the greatest practical phenologists are really indigenous
peoples, farmers, fishermen etc

'When the peaches flower there's perch in the creek'
'Plant corn when the oak leaf's as big as a squirrels ear'

How far the official definition of phenology extends into the recognistion
of phenomena relativity I don't know.

on 10/3/03 3:11 AM, georg parlow at georg at websuxxess.com wrote:

> hi robyn, please let me get this straight. i will tell you what i understood
> and you tell me where i am erring, ok?
> phenology is the name of the disciplin, comparable to mathematics being the
> art of numer jesting. so of course, one such phenomena linking line is
> phenology, just like 1+12=13 is mathematics. but 1+12=13 also has a name for
> itself, it is a calculus. one such line is a piece of phenomenological
> information. the art of working the world of appearances with
> phenomenological informations is phenology. ok?
> thanks and cheers
> georg
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>> Georg - that line IS phenology - the linking of phenomena with each other:
>> one phenomena is the white lily flowering which is an indicator for
> another
>> phenomena, the swan's laying season, which occurs at the same time.
>> Bill M used to call it "phenomenological information",  phenology sounds
>> more correct and less verbose.
>> Robyn
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