[permaculture] question re pattern recognition

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Thu Mar 6 19:36:12 EST 2003

Georg - that line IS phenology - the linking of phenomena with each other:
one phenomena is the white lily flowering which is an indicator for another
phenomena, the swan's laying season, which occurs at the same time.
Bill M used to call it "phenomenological information",  phenology sounds
more correct and less verbose.

on 8/3/03 5:07 AM, georg parlow at georg at websuxxess.com wrote:

>> 'Phenology' is the word you're looking for.
> thank you keith, rick and bob.
> the only thing that hasent been answered, as far as i see, is if there is a
> name for one set of data, like one line in the reality creating dream song.
> if there is no word for it in phenology, maybe one of the techies here can
> help with a computer term? would "when the white lily flowers, we rush to
> the lake for the delicious eggs of the swan" be ... a string of data? or
> what?

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