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Running out of space? www.wcs.org/humanfootprint
Wildlife Conservation Society analysis of the human footprint map 
indicates that 83% of the land's surface is influenced by one or more 
of the following factors:  human population density greater than 1 
person per square kilometre, within 15 km of a road or major river, 
occupied by urban or agricultural land uses, within 2 km of a 
settlement or a railway, and/or producing enough light to be visible 
regularly to a satellite at night.  98% of the areas where it is 
possible to grow rice, wheat or maize (according to FAO estimates) are 
similarly influenced.

Australia's National Research Priorities  
In December 2002 Australia announced four national research priorities 
which are intended to provide a vision for research by focusing 
research effort on key challenges for Australia today and into the 
future. They build on current strengths while seeking new opportunities 
in emerging areas:

1.	An Environmentally Sustainable Australia;
2.	Promoting and Maintaining Good Health;
3.	Frontier Technologies for Building and Transforming Australian 
Industries; and
4.	Safeguarding Australia.

Learning for Sustainability  
NSW recently launched its first three-year environmental education 
plan. It aims to build the capacity of the whole community to be 
engaged in making environmental improvements and living sustainably.

Environment Industry Action Agenda: Barton Group report
A useful report on the first year of the Environment Industry Action 
Agenda (EIAA) has been released by the Barton Group.  It offers a good 
overview of progress on a number of sustainability fronts.  The 
report shows that while few of the EIAA recommendations have actually 
been achieved in the first year of the Agenda, progress  towards many 
of  them is underway, including the establishment  of a Business 
Roundtable on Sustainable Development.

Environmental Purchasing Guide

Environment Australia and the Australian Greenhouse Office are 
preparing voluntary environmental purchasing tools for Commonwealth 
procurement officers. Comments on an Issues Paper, a draft 
Environmental Purchasing Guide and fifteen draft Checklists are 
currently being sought by 7 March.  The Guide provides an introduction 
to the key environmental issues relevant to public procurement, as well 
as outlining the policy framework in which Commonwealth procurement 
takes place.

The checklists cover a range of key goods and services procured by the 
Commonwealth. These include: paper and cardboard, packaging, office 
equipment, office equipment consumables, refrigerators, dishwashers, 
desk lighting, recycled products, building management services, waste 
management services, cleaning services and printing services. Each 
checklist identifies key environmental performance criteria and 
provides model tender specifications. 

Which Paper?
The second edition of the "Know Your Paper – A guide to purchasing 
recycled content office paper" is now available. This excellent and 
comprehensive guide, produced by Resource NSW, covers all issues 
associated with the purchase of recycled content copy paper and 
provides listings of copy paper on the market and the suppliers that 
stock them.

Where to for Australia's natural resources? 
"Australia's Natural Resources 1997-2002 and Beyond" is a new report 
from National Land and Water Resources Audit which summarises the 
condition and management opportunities for Australia's soils, water, 
rivers, estuaries and biodiversity. "Having all this information in the 
one publication, not only improves our understanding of the scale of 
the challenges we face, but also helps farmers and regional communities 
identify workable and lasting solutions."

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