[permaculture] Community Pc Gardens?

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Thu Jul 31 12:24:22 EDT 2003

Well, there have been some great points mentioned. Jerome mentioned a lack
of (immediate?) enthusiasm for the idea with a garden in his area. Is that
because of a lack of understanding?
Certainly we could collect a book full of horror stories.
I hear tell of gardens where by law it is annuals only. And I was involved
in one where there was a controversy because the carefully recruited human
diversity (oh my god!) created a flooded PADDY full of Asian veggies (Not a
garden!??) and then (in clear violation of the law) sold some.

Here's a beginning of a check list....

Are there   perennials

integrated in the design?

are aspects such as bird and insect habitat included in the selection of
plants for the garden?

is there use of vertical space?

is there space for social interaction?

is there water harvesting?

is the administration and control of the garden vested in the gardeners in
part or wholly?

I mean, let's get positive and systematic here people, what exactly are we
meaning by "permaculture community garden"? This should include ALL possible
elements including invisible structures.


mowed around a friend's new block of blueberries yesterday at 105 f in a
blast funace wind; the mulched half had 90% survival, the unmulched half
Coulda waited until the windbreak was up!

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