[permaculture] Community Pc Gardens?

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Wed Jul 30 13:50:51 EDT 2003

> Unfortunately, it's not easy to determine from existing lists which
> Community Gardens include permaculture.

And how would one determine if a community garden included permaculture?

Could we perhaps generate a Pc checklist for community gardens?

Heck, we could score it and then community gardens could advertise "Our
garden rates a 94.6 on the Pc listserve CG-Pc checklist"

Seriously tho, what makes a community garden Pc?

I can relate the question to Emilia Hazelip's insistence on there being a Pc
gardening style or method; she did not like it that any old sort of
gardening could be considered Pc.

So what are elements found in a PERMACULTURE community garden?

See also my following post "Semantics"


trying to keep the dogs out of the humanure
(beware of accepting the slightest degree of responsibility for systems you
do not design)

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