[permaculture] tools: ring knives...and ???

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Mon Jul 28 16:28:31 EDT 2003

> I'd like to ask folks
>> here if they have any tool suggestions/stories/tips.

I work with bamboo, and I'm a landscape contractor.
My short list, tools that I'd keep if forced to the bare minimum, for
horticultural purposes, is:

ARS P-18H folding pruning saw
Felco 7 roll-grip secateurs
Black Knight light pick mattock (head forged in Poland)
Japanese 1-hand pick mattock
Bulldog pine tree planting spade
Swiss Army knife- large lock-blade sort
Ironworker pliers
medium weight kama
long-handle hay fork
heavy-duty tarp 6' X 8'
combination water stone
diamond hone
peep sight level
20 ft. tape

This is what I carry if I'm not on a specific mission or traveling by
bicycle, say. 

I usually add some of these:

36 in. bow saw
Swedish Brush axe
Bulldog Irish garden spade
flat point shovel
round point shovel
short handle scoop shovel
4 cu ft wheel barrow
5 cu ft wheel barrow
large garden cart
solid steel long handle nursery spade
broad eye hoe
canterbury hoe
lawn rake
36 in. landscape rake
5' long reach pruner
6' light pruning saw
16' extendable pruning saw
12' extendable pruner
30 in. Corona loppers
cheapo loppers for roots and rhizomes
Dutch perennial spade
4lb. axe
scythes- ditch blade, brush blade, long grass blade
scythe stones- medium, fine and polish
Irish brush hook
"Rhino" compost fork- (Austrian forged head)
ARS hedge shears
and, gasp! yes, a Honda bagging lawn mower.

then there's more special-use stuff used less frequently, for layout,
surveying, concrete & masonry, carpentry, grafting, propagation, forestry,
fencing, plumbing & irrigation, automotive, etc.

I've contributed writing about many of these tools, for the Activist, In
Good Tilth, this list and other places.
Note that I emphasize cutting tools, not digging.


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