[permaculture] To kill a discourse, ignore language, misquote and slander

John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
Mon Jul 28 13:50:22 EDT 2003


> Damn it John Shinnerer

That's 'Schinnerer'.  And this is a first - I don't believe I've ever been
cursed publicly on the list...privately maybe...but perhaps I flatter myself
with that thought... :-o ;-)

I didn't get around to reading this thread over the weekend because I thought
from the subject that you were referring to the folks who thought this thread
was degenerating into what they call "semantic pedantics."

>, you killed this thread...

No, I didn't.  If you choose to stop posting on it, that's your choice. 
Likewise for the rest of the list members.

> ...I was trying so hard to
> start about contradiction, language, and socio-economic system design in
> Permaculture: you responded to every email I submitted, and dismissed my
> terms.

Interesting - I thought I was asking questions, making statements of my
opinions and pursuing a conversation on the thread.

> I specifically stated how I use the terms capitalism and democracy on July
> 17th, in an email entitled "Democracy and Capitalism are in
> Contradiction." Within a week you sent multiple slander emails

You've got an interesting definition of slander - or a really strong
attachment to others understanding your terms in exactly the way you want them
to, or else.

At this point I find it amusing that I pretty much agreed with what I thought
you were pointing at in this thread - namely, that capitalism as currently
practiced and democracy as it is claimed to exist are in conflict.

My whole point at present is that this is what happens in languaging.  You can
tell me until you're blue in the keyboard how you define 'capitalism'.  I know
that neither I nor anyone else will have *exactly* the same understanding of
the word as you do - or of any of the other words used to describe your
understanding of that word.  That was demonstrated by my (or our) previous
posts, apparently.

> I'll go back to being a lurker now and let you use the significance of the
> dictionary to silence me.

Only you can silence you - your choice.  I have neither wish nor intent (nor
ability) to do so.

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