[permaculture] Can language be recycled?

Robert Waldrop rmwj at soonernet.com
Fri Jul 25 11:33:47 EDT 2003

Food really is fundamental, it is one thing which we all share in
common.  I spoke to a group of about 40 people in Tulsa last night,
and we added more folks to our growing network.  we will see where
this goes.   as we develop this new network, i find myself wondering
where it can go.  for example, two other human needs that are pretty
fundamental are clothing and energy.  I've already got the url
(although no site is up yet) for oklahomaclothing.org , and last year
I quit buying shirts at stores and started paying a member of my choir
at church to make shirts for me.   On energy, there is a group in
Austria that organizes groups of homeowners to build rooftop solar
water heaters, providing expertise and specialized tools.  if we get a
statewide network going, that idea seems promising.

Robert Waldrop, okc
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From: John Schinnerer <john at eco-living.net>
>Thanks for the inspiration, Robert!  Very glad to hear of your
efforts and
>the fruit (and vegetables) they are bearing.  Food is
>that's why all those supposed "adversaries" are coming
>mushy about this at all.  "Scarcity" is a mental concept first and
>foremost; until we change our minds it doesn't matter how much
'stuff' we
>have, we'll still have "scarcity."  We can't make peace based on war
>thinking, can't make abundance based on scarcity thinking.

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