[permaculture] Permaculture Design Course in Vermont, September 12-20

Claude William Genest genest at together.net
Mon Jul 21 23:57:28 EDT 2003

Hi John,

Thanks again for this... Got our fourth student paid in full today. Is Ayers
still coming ? I think I figured out how to work with her : She could do two
hours of chores a day -  helping the cook and cleaning/sweeping type of
stuff.... Whadaya think ?

I finally got to your proposal and it seems just right. I have the
schedule/running order up and I'm seeing you do a warm up greeting friday
night the 12th. The introduction of your services the following morning.
Tuesday the 16th you would do a class on compost/humanure that would flow
into a hands-on practical of building a compost pile.

On Fri 19th you'd be almost the whole morning doing Urban Strategies, Local
economies and of course community which could segue into the section on
eco-villages scheduled for that afternoon.

I  am taking a similar amount of sections and rather than sweat trying to
get a full hour, I will concentrate on getting together an excellent 10 or
15 minutes and then hand it over to Peter. Feel free to take as much or as
little of a section as you'd like , I ask only that material be TIGHT !!

Still no : Stove, fridge, electricity to barn/cafeteria. Still no water
tower or shower set up.

Nothing too catastrophic :-)

The barn has to new windos in it and will be a magnificent space for the
course. the cook is booked and he's A1

Here's hoping !


> Aloha,
> Please pass this along, especially to any contacts you may have in the
> Northeast of North America.
> thanks,
> John S.
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> Ecological Design and Permaculture Course in the Green Mountain State!
> September 12-20, Isle LaMotte
> Vermont, USA
> Green Mountain Permaculture, in association with The Permaculture
> Activist, is proud to host an eight-day Permaculture Fundamentals Design
> Certification Course on beautiful Isle LaMotte in Northwestern Vermont.
> The course focuses on practical methods, techniques, tools and strategies
> for ecological and rengenerative design, synthesized through Permaculture
> design.  The course venue is a 3.5 acre parcel that is the historical core
> of a former 50-acre dairy farm and a Permaculture design in progress.
> Students will have the opportunity to both learn from and work on an
> emerging ecological design in the Northeastern North American bioregion.
> Lead Instructor will be Peter Bane, publisher of The Permaculture
> Activist, co-founder of Earthhaven Eco-Village, and long-time Permaculture
> designer and teacher.
> Course organizer, host and co-instructor Claude William Genest is founder
> of Green Mountain Permaculture, a three-time recipient of Permaculture
> Design Certificates, and is currently in pre-production for a new
> Television Series "Regeneration, the art of Sustainable Living."
> Please help spread the word for this important event in applied ecology,
> earth-repair and sustainable living.
> Cost: sliding scale, $800 - $1000 (USD)
> Course brochure online:
> http://www.claudegenest.com/dispatch/GREEN_dispatch.html
> For additional details on location, course, faculty, food, lodging and more:
> http://www.claudegenest.com/greenmountainpermaculture/workshops.htm
> or contact Claude Genest at:
> genest at together.net
> (802) 928-3648
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