[permaculture] Contradictions in Language

robscott at sdf.lonestar.org robscott at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri Jul 18 16:07:47 EDT 2003


The point is that they are in contradiction.
Democracy plus Capitalism equals contradiction, that's what I'm saying.

The contradiction diction:
when the language speaks contradictions without the speakers' consent.
The language enlists its speakers as apologists : they describe the
contradiction as an error, a mere conflict, a glitch in the system...
oops, capitalism and democracy are tough to reconcile, sorry about that...

Contradictions are not a mistake. Contradictions are part of the program.
They're an intention. To deny a contradiction is to play into its power.


> > Rob Scott wrote:
> >
> >I use the term "democracy" to refer to a social system in which the
> >participants as a whole determine how the system operates.
> >I use the term "capitalism" to refer to an economic system in which the
> >owners of capital determine how the system operates.
> >
> Paul Kosuth wrote:
> isn't capitalism the economic system with an emphasis on creating
> surplus value and when this surplus value is sold the benefits go to the
> "owners" of the operation rather than the producers of the value (the
> workers.) I strongly agree that capitalism is an economic system but not
> with your specific definition. Rather than a linking of democracy and
> capitalism I see both as being very separate. Democracy is a method of
> choice, capitalism is one of the choices. Which, to me, make life in
> good ol' USA so frustrating when our "leaders" equate democracy and
> capitalism. I keep hoping to vote in communism but I'm not holding my
> breath.

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