[permaculture] Jose Bove pardoned?

jamie jamie at tiscali.fr
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For all things Jose Bove see http://www.confederationpaysanne.fr/ (in
French); their take on the commutation of Bove's sentence is "Chirac
condemns Bove to prison until Christmas" and yes, those Bove supporters
arrested held up the 'Tour de France', as heinous a crime as messing with
the Superbowl!

The Tour de France was with us today (Narbonne to Toulouse): lots of men in
colourful shirts and tight shorts followed by even more men in cars and on
motorbikes, cheered on by innumerable colourful supporters - sport, I guess,
but not really cricket.


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I read (BBC website) that he was not pardoned but rather had the
sentence reduced (by how much I don't know.) I guess that there were
some protestors that interupted part of the Tour de France.


Sharon Gordon wrote:

>I received an email that indicated Jose Bove was given a pardon as part of
>this week's Bastille Day activities (but that other people were arrested
>visibly supporting his cause near a parade).
>Anyone have confirmations or info on either?
>gordonse at one.net
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