[permaculture] Liberal Democracies (Was 'The sinister sacking...etc')

jamie jamie at tiscali.fr
Wed Jul 16 11:12:18 EDT 2003

Hello Lawrence, I asked:

> I was one of those more than overjoyed when Blair came to power after 18
> years of Conservative rule, now I am one of the many not just
> with Blair but the political process itself.
> What can we do?

You responded:

"Put your votes behind a really sound, constitution-oriented judicial system
and a democratic political system that adheres to a solid capitalistic

This sounds reasonable. But I have been trying to situate the problem (be it
environmental, political, moral etc) as implicit to the system you describe
because; corporations are fictive legal entities whose existense is solely
to make money and that these corporations exist in states that have chosen
to predicate their future prosperity on the new technologies invented and
marketed by them and that this technological understanding of the world
reduces the earth to a storehouse of raw material for the exploitation of
such corporations.

The 'constitution-oriented judicial system and democratic political system
adhering to a solid capitalistic economy' is not the answer but the
question. The problem seems to be to actually begin the questioning process,
perhaps because to do so is to start investigating the foundations upon
which we all have constructed our lives - and that is a process that is
either not begun because the foundations themselves are so buried so as to
seem non-existent (and therefore to question nonsensical) or so deep as to
be too intimately connected with how we live our lives (and therefore we do
not wish to change them).


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