[permaculture] New Zealand National Sustainability Expo

Russ Grayson pacedge at magna.com.au
Mon Jul 14 02:48:31 EDT 2003

On Monday, July 14, 2003, at 02:46  PM, Gaden at ziplip.com wrote:
> A year ago, NZ websites were calling this the International 
> Permaculture Conference (IPC7?). As well as a name change, it seems to 
> have undergone a significant change of focus to a more localized (NZ) 
> event. It would appear to include, as a subsidiary event, a 
> permaculture convergence similar to that regularly held at Robyn's 
> Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Education Centre. (always a valuable and 
> enjoyable gathering!)

This is an interesting change, as you note. It hints at the discussion 
that has taken place here among a number of people, in regard to 
international convergences - that the days of such gatherings may be 
over and that regional gatherings are the order of the day.

Reasons for drawing this conclusion include the high cost of 
international travel. Your could now add the reluctance to travel due 
to terrorism fears. This has depressed tourism markets and was a 
contributory factor to the recent cancellation of a permaculture course 
at Crystal Waters College.

The annual gatherings at Djanbung Gardens have been worthwhile although 
they attract people mainly from the eastern states, probably because of 
travel cost. A point in favour of the international convergences was 
the renewal of motivation that followed meeting people from different 

Maybe it has been these factors that have led to the NZ focus you 
report for the upcoming NZ gathering.

...Russ Grayson

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