[permaculture] Waving not Drowning

John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
Fri Jul 11 13:20:40 EDT 2003


Thanks for this - "waving, not drowning" is what I'm getting at as well. 
Ask what they want, don't tell them what they need...pay attention to
their context instead of assuming one's own applies.

> Appropriate levels of support. They didn't need doctors when
> 95% of their health needs could be provided by experienced (paramedic
> style) nurses and midwives.

A friend of mine in college really really wanted to go work offering basic
health services in '3rd world' countries.  As she looked more and more
into what NGOs and agencies and so on she might work with, she discovered
that in order to 'qualify' for actual hands-on work with almost all of
them, she had to be an M.D.!!!  When in fact what the clients needed was
more like the above - basic trauma care, basic preventative and outpatient
health services, nothing the average paramedic or nurse couldn't quite
easily provide (and train them to provide).

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