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Gaden at ziplip.com Gaden at ziplip.com
Thu Jul 10 06:59:05 EDT 2003

Re: Toby Hemenway - "Delighted to hear your response, Gaiden, and I'm in thorough and complete agreement with just about everything."

Damn you, Tobias. I'm just hitting my stride, and you go and get all cuddly and agreeable. How boring. Ya bloody killjoy....  :-)

Now this mad cross-eyed Don Quixote will have to go and find someone else's windmills to tilt at. Grrrr...

(Oh Oh shit,Loren    Loren, sit. Stay, staay, sta.a.a.a.y. Good Loren. I'm being friendly Loren. I promise not to bite Master Baggins. Sheeze, nearly as dangerous as Robyn's blasted gander!!)

"We're sorta doing a kiss-and-make-up thing here, and I'm glad to"

Yeah, well, it's still your turn to carry the slop bucket out to the chook run....

Interesting account of the changing employment pressures in your county. Thanks. It's not just the lower tech style jobs. I was talking to an IT specialist the other day. He said that in the past three years, the bottom had dropped out of the employment market for programmers etc. 

It is getting so that the production time for gaining a qualification is longer than the employability 'window of opportunity' for that profession. Scarey stuff.

"Speedy continued recovery from the tropical uglies"

Thanks Toby. I make a terribly grumpy patient. Though turbulent (& flatulent) at times, I have quite enjoyed our correspondence. Good to be able to demonstrate to others that this strange 'talkin' stuff does actually work. Betta than chuckin rocks....

Tashi Deley

Gaiden  (Garn' give us a cuddle, Loren)

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