[permaculture] Re: Permaculture on Pitcairn

dwayne dwayne at pobox.com
Wed Jul 9 12:25:45 EDT 2003

John Schinnerer wrote:

> Small populations would be an issue of genetic viability, not 'social'
> (whatver that means).  They can likely introduce some new genetic material
> into the mix if they want to.

Well, no, if there's not enough people there, they will move elsewhere.
It's a major problem with country towns in Australia.  I'm guessing at
what "social viability" is, by the way.

> >> How about another alternative (there's always an infinite number) - the
> >> colonial powers make full and just reparations for the damage they've
> >> done, which may include ongoing support for the locals to rebuild
> >> regenerative and sustainable systems for self-sufficiency (like some of
> >> them had for thousands of years until we showed up).
> >
> > Aaaand back out here in reality....
> For whom, when?

The Colonial Powers you refer to.
> Or is "reality" just your excuse for copping out of taking action, if you
> actually do...

Take your snide assertions and place them where your understanding of
geopolitics is, thanks.
> > I agree entirely 100%
> ...??

I think that the colonial powers should make full and just reparations.
But I can't see how it is going to happen without massive, world-wide,
universal action.  This, and slavery, has already been brought up at
that UN racism conference and was totally rejected by the colonial
> > but it is not going to happen.
> Luckily your support or lack thereof is unlikely to be the determining
> factor.

Yeah see previous comment.
Check my sigfile.

Lighten up.  I can do the flame thing too, you know.

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