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Gaden at ziplip.com Gaden at ziplip.com
Wed Jul 9 09:22:55 EDT 2003

Re: Darren J. Doherty's - "You've had a busy time on this list lately - thanks for the reply"

Hah!, yes I have been posting a lot lately. I should probably shut up for a while. Bordem, I'm afraid. I don't usually have so much free time to be online. I am currently recovering from a debilitating tropical nasty and on light duties by doctor's orders. Prowling around the web passes the time.

"I haven't heard of the oziexplorer"

Excellent piece of software. Very underpriced for its functionality. And for Australian use, has heaps of free downloadable datasets. Complete 250 000 topo coverage, numerous data sets at more detailed scales. There are web pages where users are encouraged to upload their own data for others to use.

"On that note we are about to launch a remote broadacre design service which follows our tried and true “Work’s Pattern” but involves clients more in the data collation part of the process without this permaculture designer’s site visit."

Excellent work, good to hear. I've long thought that Permaculture has suffered by the lack of niche marketing. Making smart use of available technology makes good sense. A lot of mapping resources have now been fully digitised allowing immediate access. Set up an online account with a mapping agency and grab what you need, when you need it.

In the past I've made use of satellite imagery for projects. More useful for larger scale work, for sure. But it often surprises people just how detailed satellite imagery can be. And there is quite a lot of it stored in free online databases. (Availability can decline when there is a war going on somewhere.)

SI is good for determining larger scale patterns impacting on a region, especially in areas where local record collation may be virtually non-existant. For example, I've used it in contigency planning for disaster management projects in coastal regions. Maximal flooding levels and the like. Good for time lapse work as well, tracking back changes in systems.

I think there is a lot of potential for the integration of computer resources into the design process. Glad to see you are doing innovative work in this area.


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