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Gaden at ziplip.com Gaden at ziplip.com
Wed Jul 9 08:11:43 EDT 2003

Re: Russ Grayson - "Perhaps it was like the 1930s broadcast by Orson Wells, of the HG Wells novel about invaders from Mars that featured interruptions to purportedly take listeners to broadcast actuality of the invasion."

Quite possibly, Russ. Around the same time there was another bizarre film broadcast. It was also presented in a documentary style blurring distinction between non-fiction and fiction.

The premise behind the film was that in the '50s or '60s an international (conspiracy) partnership was formed between America, Russia and certain European governments. This consortium (allegedly) established a joint facility on the moon, consisting of a number of biospheres. This was secretly set up prior to the original stage-managed lunar landings.

The aim was to establish an Ark for the preservation of humankind, should the cold war get out of hand and result in nuclear winter. One of the Apollo missions was said to have landed in the wrong valley. Thus the astronauts accidently saw this colony, which was supposed to have remained hidden from them.

Typical conspiracy theory stuff. But convincingly done since it was supposed to have been released for broadcast simultaneously around the world, to prevent government censoring blocking the showing. Showed 'secret' NASA footage, voice overs from shocked astronauts, and live interviews with actual retired astronauts. Weirdness, but disturbing real for a naive 70's audience.


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