[permaculture] Hierarchies and certification..

John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
Tue Jul 8 13:44:24 EDT 2003


Kirby Fry said:
> Here's one scenario I've been dealing with regarding the certification of
> an individual....
>...I still feel that if it were up to me I would
> have issue him a PDC certificate last year and let him get on with
> promoting himself and his site as Pc certified.
> Are there allowances for people like this?

Well, since we're just a bunch of disorganized hippies here in the USA and
nobody's in charge I reckon it's up to you, and I say give him whatever
you think he deserves!

More seriously...what an ideal two-way teaching/learning situation!

In some evolving future PC organizational system, I'd want to see a
variety of ways for you to give Larry (as one example) the support you
think he deserves.  I'd hate to see him have to pay full freight for a PDC
and sit on his butt a bunch to get a certificate.

My guess is he'd be a great co-instructor, and by doing that he'd also
have de-facto 'completed a PDC'.

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