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Darren J. Doherty darren at permaculture.biz
Tue Jul 8 10:29:37 EDT 2003

Hello People,
Some of the software I would recommend to users of this list is as
follows (as relates to permaculture design work):
1.       MapInfo Professional – easy to use (full windows) and powerful
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software that we have been using
for about 8 years now for all of our plans development. You can easily
and quickly create very professional and accurate maps using all kinds
of base data. Our most common base map layer’s use aerial photo
(scanned) and topo/feature data – over which we digitally draw the
permaculture plan. As an indication – I designed a 500 acre keyline farm
last week and it took me about 3 hours. You can measure areas, distances
etc. simply by clicking on the object. We plot out our plans on a large
format colour inkjet printer (A4-A1) with quite striking results (this
machine is used for the odd activist’s posters as well!!).
2.       AutoCAD – not so easy to use – once you get familiar (by doing
a night course, as I have or get some over the shoulder tutoring) it is
quite easy to use – like a very wild game - it is the ant’s pants if you
require total accuracy – its compatibility/acceptance with a wide range
of other professionals is well recognized. AutoCAD also has full 3D
capability. In addition this software enables the easy design of
earthworks – and very easy calculation of earthworks volumes etc. It is
the standard architectural and engineers design tool.  
3.       World Construction Set – something I’m playing with at the
moment (available as a demo). This is 3D broad landscape modeling
software used by all manner of resource management scientists, GIS
people and video game designers. What it creates is perhaps the pinnacle
of land design development software: realistic 3D that looks very much
like the real thing. I’ve just got to learn how to use it!
I have tried plenty of other GIS applications – pretty well all of them
at some stage or another and I believe that MapInfo is the best for our
kind of work – indeed most people I have taught only need to have one
day’s tutoring and they’ve got it no worries. 
I would be very interested to hear from other designers to see what
design software they’re using and what their impressions are. 
Yours and Growing,
Darren J. Doherty
Applied Diploma of Permaculture Design, (Education, Site Design, System
Establishment & Implementation) Permaculture Institute (1995)
Permaculture Design Certificate, Permaculture Institute (1993, 1995,
Whole Farm Planning Certificate (Train the Trainer), University of
Melbourne (1995)
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