[permaculture] Re: Who's Qualified to Teach Pc?

robscott at sdf.lonestar.org robscott at sdf.lonestar.org
Mon Jul 7 15:01:36 EDT 2003

>Toby wrote:
> The whole system here is in disarray and is very unprofessional, I
> think, and some of us are trying to change that, and at least get a
> standardized certificate going along with a list of "authorized" (or
> whatever) teachers to hand them out.

Thanks for your persistence Toby, and the ammount of wanting behind it.

At the current moment, I'd describe the Permaculture movement as
producing "experts", in contrast to "professionals" ... name-wise
"professionals" have found some "profession" within a system.
The Permaculture educators I know are experts on systems which don't exist
yet. They are proposers! --and they've got the chops to back up the

It could be that our desire to keep the movement well-supplied with a
growing pool of expert proposers is what drives the conversation about
"qualified teachers". If that is the case, then the language of the
current system, the society which we do not propose, will fail our

Words such as "standardized" "authorized" "professionalized" all point to
the current system and the accumulated baggage *its* meaning. I propose
that we apply the proposally ideas of Permaculture to this problem, and,
if necessary, formulate new language which would be suitable in a
Permaculture Society, even if it is birthed as a black sheep in the
current situation.

I struggle to generate a polyculture of Permaculture educators in my
project, and I find that the language of the current society, not the
speakers but the language itself, often gets in the way of the changes I
wish to design.

Rob Scott
Urbana Permaculture Project
Urbana, IL

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