[permaculture] De-evolution for fun and profit

Toby Hemenway hemenway at jeffnet.org
Mon Jul 7 02:54:54 EDT 2003

Loren Davidson wrote:

> Is anybody working to "de-evolve" hybrid species back into their 
> ancestors, or "forward-evolve" them into new, stable cultivars?

Alan Kapuler has de-hybridized a number of hybrids (I sure wish his 
stuff was on line); seems to me Carol Deppe (author of "Breed Your Own 
Vegetable Varieties") has either done it or has referred to people who 
have. It's a great idea, and results in some wonderful varieties. I'm 
afraid I don't know more about it, but I'll be seeing Alan next weekend 
and will ask him (and will be ready for the tsunami of information that 

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