[permaculture] Rich Forests and New Primitives

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It certainly is a captivating image portrayed by Marsha; and Rick suggests
the temperate equivalent in the not too distant past.

‘Rich Forests and New Primitives’ could easily become ‘Rich Primitives in
New Forests’ in the not too distant future with more work and visions like
Marsha’s (and their temperate equivalents).


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From: Marsha Hanzi <mhanzi at yahoo.com>

Our "forest guru", Ernst Gotsch, has been living this lifestyle for about 15
years now, and I have seen many lives changed just from visiting him...So
such examples can have a social impact,  in many different degrees... It
seems to me that this was what Bill Mollison was originally aiming at when
he created Permaculture...

I remember Bill Mollison telling us that if we go anywhere to teach we'd see
an example somewhere we could point to. And I think you are very definitely
spot on as far as what Bill was aiming at.

I would LOVE to live in a forest and wander, near a river, foraging-- these
spaces are not so  available any more.  So we are trying to create the next
best solution... And it  is fun!

Between 3 and 12 yrs. of age the environs of the housing development I lived
in were abandoned orchard, vinyard and truck farms, with a few bits of
remnant forest, and many of the surrounding homes had gardens in back. So
that was my lifestyle, at least when I wasn't in prison being tortured
(school, I mean) It has always been difficult to explain this to those who
never had the experience.

Right before my family moved away, the builders started again. My friends
and I started attacking equipment, breaking windows and building fires, but
two years after I moved, there were no trees, no terraced south slopes, and
the streams were in pipes.


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