[permaculture] Walled Communities

miekal and dtv at mwt.net
Wed Jul 2 14:48:21 EDT 2003

Generalizations like this frighten me.  Here at Dreamtime Ive seen an 
endless stream of nomadic anarchist types who live outside the money 
system & it is precisely because they do have skills that they are able 
to live successfully outside of the system.  They don't have a lot of 
capital because they make a decision to not work for the man, pay 
taxes, resist hierarchical structures, etc....   & I remember a few 
years ago before I got my first real "job" (at the ripe age of 42), I 
was making more money than anyone else living here & I was making maybe 
$4K.    mIEKAL

On Wednesday, July 2, 2003, at 10:00 AM, Toby Hemenway wrote:

>  It's a sad fact that often (with notable exceptions) people without 
> cash also don't have skills, experience, or sometimes the will to 
> persevere, which are all useful to a community.

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