[permaculture] Scythes and similar devices - benefits

John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
Tue Jul 1 20:48:49 EDT 2003


> The scythe in many instances much quicker than a linetrimmer/brushcutter
> - particularly when dealing with long grass - not much different in
> effort than using the modern motorized version.

Can be much different (better IMO) in the consequences, though -
especially when cutting stuff one *doesn't* want around.

Motorized weed-whackers are one of the most efficient ways I've ever seen
to spray viable plant matter pretty uncontrollably over a wide area.  If
it's stuff I *don't* want to propagate...well, too bad!

I've never used a scythe, though I've seen them in use, and it looks like
they are a lot better in this respect...stuff falls pretty much where it's

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