[permaculture] Implanting fields with trees...

Marsha Hanzi hanzibra at svn.com.br
Wed Jan 29 13:15:21 EST 2003

> I like to use low impact, low/no till methods.  Ideally I'd like to =
> clear the land by hand and garden/farm around the little stumps =
> maximizing practices that would make them decompose the fastest =
> (mulching, spraying compost tea etc..). =20
> Basically I have no experience working with land with little trees.  Any =
> ideas advice about practices or tools would be most appreciated.

When we implant new systems where there are "pioneer" trees ( actually the
pioneers are much further back in the system), we cut them  into lengths
 with a chainsaw), step them up the land, and stick seeds in the crevasses
between them.  The plants grow marvellously in this microclimate, everything
from corn to beans to new trees (planted from seeds). A large trunk rots in
about two years, smaller trunks take less. The stumps will re-sprout which
are then cut with a machete , for added organic material... With the
cuttings, the trees retract their root systems, and have not been a rpoblem
for the new plants-- the whole field resprouts together, seeds and stumps...

Of course we are in the tropics here...But I dont see why chipping would be
necessary-- rotting trunks give great micro-climates, unless there is
something in your climate  which makes this not functional (too slow
decomposition etc...)

Marsha Hanzi
Instituto de Permacultura da Bahia

> Rick you mentioned some interesting tools and methods I'm not familiar =
> with would you be able to send me your phone number off list so I could =
> all and ask some questions?
> I'm also interested in learning about ways to make the rest of the land =
> productive and useful and hopefully income producing but have little =
> expierence with forest/agroforesty  systems.  Any advice or books on =
> this topic would be great.
> thanks,
> daniel

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