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Jerome Osentowski jerome at crmpi.org
Wed Jan 29 12:24:02 EST 2003

Hi Toby,
  We recieved your call for articles.  We would like to submit something.
There are 2 possibilities.  Our first choice would be small animals in ag.
systems and would detail the success we've had with our small poultry flock
and strawyard and our semi-free range rabbit operation.  It would focus on
the ability to maintain small number of animals, providing most of the food
on-site and documenting the outputs eggs, meat, compost and worms generated,
since under the rabbit strawyard, we also have a worm farm.  When these are
cleaned out, usually 3 times a year, they produce a high volume of
value-added mulch and worms for the Forest Garden.  We'd like to trace the
cycles from kitchen to chicken to rabbits back into the garden and kitchen.
We'll even throw in a recipe or two along with a sidebar about the saga of
the crowing hen!
   The other topic we could write about is guilds in our Forest Garden.  We
could document some of the sucess and failures to date.
  On another note, I've been hired to do the design and implement a 1-acre
forest garden on a large ranch near Salida, Co called the Maytag Ranch.
I'll have to thank you for getting the job since the owner of the ranch read
Gaia's Garden.  Since you were kind enough to mention our work here at
CRMPI, he contacted us through your references.  I left the ranch manager a
copy of your book.  I"m meeting with them tomorrow to discuss the on-going
plans.  We recommended 80 fruit trees, 160 berry bushes and small fruits,
and 120 nitrogen fixing plants and 10 nut trees.  I hope to document this
project and include it in future articles or in the book project that Peter
and I are working on.
   I also emailed Mark Shepard to encourage him to write a longer article on
his agroforestry project.  Hope all is going well.  Keep up the good work!
   -- Jerome
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>From: Toby Hemenway <hemenway at jeffnet.org>
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>Subject: [permaculture] Write for the Activist
>Date: Tue, Jan 28, 2003, 10:25 AM

> Permaculture Activist Magazine is looking for articles for its Spring 2003
> issue. The theme is "Ecosystems and Succession," from both a theoretical and
> practical perspective. Possible subjects include:
> Analog forestry
> Accelerating succession
> Guilds and guild design
> How ecosystems work
> Keystone species
> Restoration
> Working with wild land
> Ecology of forests, grasslands, or other ecosystems
> Animals in ecosystems
> . . . and so forth.
> The magazine is primarily for a North American audience, but relevant
> articles from other regions are welcome. Length is flexible, from 800-3000
> words. Electronic submissions are preferred, and accompanying graphics are
> always appreciated. We cannot pay for submissions, but will provide you with
> several copies of the issue in return.
> To submit ideas or articles, contact me at:
> hemenway at jeffnet.org
> For more information on the magazine, visit
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net
> Toby Hemenway
> Associate Editor
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