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Jerome Osentowski jerome at crmpi.org
Wed Jan 29 12:11:23 EST 2003

Hi Everyone- but this one is specifically for Mark!
   I visited a flock of chickens in Carbondale, Co where they weren't
allowed to have roosters.  The flock is owned cooperatively by 5 families
who rotate feeding and gathering the eggs.  The strawbale hen house and
strawyard are right in the middle of Carbondale and are surrounded by a
small organic garden.  The chickens mostly roost in a large tree.
   My friend mentioned that when you don't have a rooster, one of the hens
will gradually take over that role and start to transmutate: start crowing
and bossing all the hens around.  I thought at the time, "Oh yeah sure," and
thought the guy was pulling my leg....
   I won't go into the details (that's another story)  but we have not had a
rooster in our small flock for about 6 months here at CRMPI.  Just the other
day I was out mulching the Forest Garden, when one of the hens started to
crow!!!  Her first attempts got her about half way through the crow.  By the
end of the day she was belting out a good imitation.  Now, a week later, she
goes on most of the day crowing.  Her crows seem to be going down an octave
or two as the time goes on.  She also looks more like a rooster than a hen:
stands up tall, parades around, does a lot of the things the rooster usually
does. We have not seen her jump any of the other hens yet....But we're
watching to see what happens.  All of this happened during Aspen's Gay Ski
Week and were wondering if there might be any connection there....
   Mark, we're pondering about this transgender chicken phenonmen and hoping
that you'll have the answer for us.  We know that nature abhors a vacumm.
Do you have any hens cross dressing at your Poultry Research Station?
   With concern,
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>From: "antonio.scotti" <antonio.scotti at wanadoo.es>
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>Subject: [permaculture] Urban PC
>Date: Tue, Jan 21, 2003, 1:12 PM

> Hi all,
> can anybody point me to good places/sites  for urban pc
> resources/experiences/solutions/contact peole?
> I am trying to gather material to show it in a workshop, may be writing an
> for a spanish magazine.
> It would be especially great to see examples of european experiences and/or
> temperate-warm
> climate experiences.
> Even better if these experiences are still functioning.
> Cheers
> Antonio
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