[permaculture] clearing land

Karl Schneider karl.schneider at aon.at
Wed Jan 29 06:27:03 EST 2003

Hi Daniel,

I don't know if that is right for you:

Peter Stamet (www.fungiperfecti.com) offers "MycoSpored Oils™" for
It is used for decomposing of stumps and at the same time you get 
gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

I have not tried it yet, but it sounds great.


Ausschnitt der mail von RiverValley vom 28.01.2003:

I like to use low impact, low/no till methods.  Ideally I'd like to clear
the land by hand and garden/farm around the little stumps maximizing
practices that would make them decompose the fastest (mulching, spraying
compost tea etc..).  
Basically I have no experience working with land with little trees.  Any
ideas advice about practices or tools would be most appreciated.
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