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I"m moving my farm to land that was logged about ten years ago and now is
covered mainly with alders 8 to 10' feet tall 7 inches or less in diameter.

I'm wondering what would be the best way to clear the land.  Several ideas
have been proped to me.  1.  use a cat with tines on the front similar to a
subsoiler to push the trees over then use an exavator to pile them up then
chip the trees. 2.  Use an excavator to pull the trees up and pile then
chip.  3.  Cut trees with a chain saw then let lie to decompose or chip.

I would love to hear any ideas or comments.  Does anyone know how long small
alders would take to break down?  Are there any drawbacks to subsoiling?

I'm interested in mainting as much of the exsisting soil structure as


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  Permaculturist Chris MacKenzie Davey's house was destroyed by the fires around Canberra, leaving them with the clothes they were wearing at the time.  He, Peta, Paloma and Max all made it through the fire ok.

  he discovered that he'd come down with the chicken pox.

  Undeterred, he is planning to rebuild and says "now we get to build the house we want."

  Notes of encouragement can be sent to the family at davey at webone.com.au .

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