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Hi Dave:

Generally, the town/district etc will want to see engineered plans until
this becomes common in your locale. If enough people start doing greywater,
it can eventually become written into local planning procedures (I think
Santa Barbara, California has done this???). Sometimes, finding a
sympathetic engineer in your area is tough though.

In the northeast, two engineering companies come to my mind:
Ecological Engineering Associates
508 Boston Post Road
Weston, MA 02493
781-891-8654 fax

David Del Porto
Sustainable Strategies
50 Beharrell Street
P.O. Box 1313
Concord, MA 01742-1313
Telephone: 978/369-9440
Fax: 978/369-2484

My disclaimer: I don't personally know these folks or if either work in
N.J.... or if they are very expensive...or actually nice to work with
either...I just know they have done some things with greywater/compost
toilets etc.

if you cannot find a locally registered engineer to help you, I might guess
you would quietly design / build your own (illegal) system based on good
info in these resources:
Art Ludwig's books - Oasis with Greywater - very good in my opinion (I'm a
permie-engineer and have designed lots of water/waste systems for up to
towns up to 40,000 people)
Humanure Handbook - for the "black" portion - very good too
Anna Edey book: How to grow $500,000 on an acre - she is doing
greywater/urine watering of garden/compost toilet in the NE States
New Alchemy Institute - they developed a lot of systems in the 70's - John
Todd developed Living Machines there
Watson Wick - Tom Watson in New Mexico - good system for cold climates
(integrate it into an attached greenhouse - lets you use it year round in
freezing climates)

hope this helps...if not, I cannot legally design a system for you (not
registered there) but could dialogue with a local engineer or give general
advice for "entertainment purposes" only (note I'm NOT advising you to build
your own illegal system...)


Kelly Finigan, M.Sc. P.Eng., Permaculture Designer
Essential Elements Inc.
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1-403-283-7270           fax 283-9783     kfinigan at spots.ca
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> Saneteers,
> I am seeking some logical convincing sources before I approach my town
> for my plans to retrofit my house for a seperate greywater drain system.
> I hope to use this water for my organic gardens. After the extended
> drought we had in NE America (New Jersey for me) I want to continue to
> conserve water.
> They already lambasted me for having an open/outdoor shower even though
> the kids can run through a sprinkler AND all my soap/shampoo is
> biodegradeable. I was told I need underground piping??? (Maybe this
> referred to a drainage field but certainly does not respect putting the
> water where it is needed most.
> Also, info on holding times/water reclamation/aerobic conditioning to
> make it safer than simply applying to the rows between plants.
> Other ideas and resources? I am game.
> Thanks in advance.......
> Dave Miller
> Lucky Acre Farm
> Somerset NJ
> 908-705-5635
> --
> Thanks for listening,
> Wishing peace to all -
> regardless of viewpoints
> We are what we make of ourselves.
> Lots of love, some prayer and hope.
> Taking a backstep to look/see within.
> --
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