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g'day dave,

i live in queensland australia on a rural block, our shire council is fairly 
liberal when it comes to grey water all we needed to do was plant a fruit 
tree orchid and put in a grease trap, the water goes to a tank (where it 
isn't stored or held) then feeds the fruit trees.

i also have a DIY manual that has plans for a grey water recycling system 
that waters garden beds, this plan is accepted by councils and the EPA here 
in australia. the manual also has the plans for a composting toilet i am at 
present wanting to sell this manual it is unused, if you know anyone who may 
be interested please let them know.

we used the expertise of a couple of engineers to submit our grey water plan 
to our council, all is working well.


it works for me it could work for you

"in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do!!"
but consider others and the environment.

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