[permaculture] New: The Soil Foodweb Multi-Media CD

Steve Diver steved at ncatark.uark.edu
Mon Jan 20 15:41:26 EST 2003

Here is a resource that is now available.

The Soil Foodweb Multi-Media CD
Featuring slides and video from Dr. Elaine Ingham.

*Multi-media presentation on Soil Foodweb
*Slide collection in medium resolution jpg images
*Slide legend
*Movie clips
*Interactive self-learning "slide presentation"
  for PC users

Elaine Ingham worked with Sam Ettaro with
Unisun communications for a couple of years,
and one of the products that resulted was this
multi-media CD on the soil foodweb.

This is the CD that features the slides from a study
that demonstrated botrytis disease suppression on
grape leaves when compost teas had 100%
and 70% leaf surface, at the same time botrytis was
applied at 70% leaf coverage. The grape leaves
remained healthy.

In contrast, when compost teas covered 50% and 10%
of the leaf surface, botrytis infection was obvious.

Sam is now in Pennsylvania with a multi-media
business called Harmony Central.

Harmony Central
806 Daisy St.
Clearfield, PA 16830
814-768-9489 Local
866-470-0740 Toll-Free
814-768-7202 Fax
admin at unisun.org

In addition, Harmony Central is the distributor
for Elaine Ingham's audio CD's.

Audio CD's in Soil Foodweb Series

Volume 1: An Introduction to the Soil Foodweb - 2 CD Set -
Volume 2: A Plant Production Overview - 2 CD Set - $9.00
Volume 3: Turf Systems - 2 CD Set (EcoPak) - $7.00
Volume 4: The Compost Foodweb - 2 CD Set - $13.95

As a bonus, the The Soil Foodweb Multi-Media CD
at $44.95 is now being shipped with Volume 2 in
the Audio CD series, "Plant Production Overview."

This is a resource pointer, add this item to your
Soil Foodweb + Humus Management Toolbox.

Steve Diver

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