[permaculture] Re: Snails eating up my red chilli (pepper) plant

John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
Fri Jan 17 02:40:02 EST 2003


Frogs/toads eat 'em too, if you have or can provide habitat to increase
frog population.

> Handpick at night.  Best times to get them are between 10 and 11.  Crush
> them completely or drop them into soapy water to kill.

Or salty water...hand-killing vigorously in spring when they start to
(re-)appear can greatly reduce the whole season's crop (dead slugs don't

> They also don't like to cross over copper.  There's a mild electrical
> charge from it that stings them.  You can create a barrier around your
> plant with old copper pipe or even copper wire.

I've found just a wire (like solid 12 or 14 ga. from old house wiring
w/insulation removed) not sufficient - they go right over it.  Pipe or
wider strips (copper flashing material, mesh, etc.) is more reliable.

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