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Advantages of anaerobic lagoons:

*	Manure can be handled hydraulically with flushing systems, sewer 
lines, pumps and irrigation systems.
*	The high degree of stabilization reduces odors during land 
*	High nitrogen (N) reduction minimizes the land area required to make 
use of the effluent.
*	Long-term storage is provided at low cost.

Disadvantages of anaerobic lagoons:

*	Public perception may be that a lagoon is an "open container of 
*	Undesirable odors may be produced during seasonal (spring and fall) 
changes due to "turnover" and spring start-up after the winter period 
of relatively little biological activity. Initial start-up in late 
spring or early summer is preferred.
*	Undesirable odors may drift off premises during atmospheric 
temperature inversions.
*	Undesirable odors may be present during land application by spray 
*	Nutrient availability is limited if manure is used as a fertilizer 
(due to denitrification of N in the lagoon and most phosphorous (P) 
settles to the bottom).
*	Potential cost of removing built-up solids if the lagoon is to be 
closed down and solids have been allowed to accumulate for several 
years without agitation during the annual pump-down. Also, the land 
area required to dispose of accumulated N and especially P may not be 
available nearby.

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