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Practicing Democracy In Time of War:
Knowing and Using Our Civil Rights

with Joanna Macy and Friends

February 21-23, 2003
Rancho El Chorro Outdoor School
San Luis Obispo, CA

Sliding Scale: $100/ $125/ $150  Some scholarships will be provided.
Includes workshops, lodging, and meals.

As the United States seems to be marching ahead with plans for a 
pre-emptive war against Iraq, everyone in the US is subject to new 
laws, including the Homeland Security Act and the USA Patriot Act. 
How do these laws affect our rights as citizens and activists? What 
can we do to preserve and use our constitutional rights?

We invite you to a weekend retreat to explore these questions and 
their implications for our country and our lives, facilitated by 
three seasoned activists, with local resource people from law 
enforcement and legal advocacy.

- We will learn about the new laws, how they affect our 
constitutional rights, and how local agencies intend to enforce them.

- We will strategize ways of exercising and protecting our civil 
rights, as we work for peace and justice in these times.

- We will build strong "rough weather networks" to overcome 
isolation, stay informed, and watch out for each other.

Joanna Macy, internationally-known peace activist, teacher of 
Buddhism and deep ecologist

Fran Macy, director of the Center for Safe Energy, deep ecologist, 
and recipient of the Nuclear Free Future Award for Lifetime 

Pamella Meidell, director of the Atomic Mirror, peace activist, and 
anti-nuclear activist

We will also be joined by attorney Jeff Stein, Sgt. Ian Parkinson of 
the San Luis Obispo Police Department, and a representative from the 
Southern California ACLU.  They will give us information and guidance 
regarding our rights as activists.

Sponsored by Terra Foundation, EarthFlow Design Works, Mothers for 
Peace. Nuclear Guardians, ECOSLO, ACLU, UU Social Justice Committee, 
PSA, Passion for Peace, CCPEC.

For more information and registration, email
Linda Seeley, CEO, Terra Foundation at <lseeley at pacbell.net> or
Larry Santoyo, Director, Terra Foundation at <democracy at earthflow.com>
Or call Terra Foundation at 805.544.8112

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