[permaculture] Help Chiken pen design

Ute Bohnsack sustag at eircom.net
Tue Jan 14 03:10:41 EST 2003

"antonio.scotti" wrote:

> Why do I need to have a concrete floor? Isn't bare earth enough? Or is there an issue of keeping the
> poultry out of mud when it rains?
Yes, chickens do not appreciate dampness. An alternative to concrete may
be an earthen floor with lots of beddding (hay, straw, woodshavings
...). The damp problem is one of the reasons why my coop is stilted (see
my other e-mail to you), but then I live in a very wet climate.

> On the other hand, how big must the pen be? eg how much space is necessary for each
> chicken? Is there any dependence on the species?
4m2 outdoor space is the minimum under organic regulations in Europe,
10m2 is better, 40m2 is ideal. It is best to have 2 or more pens to be
used in rotation to prevent build-up of pests and diseases and to allow
the ground and vegetation to recover.

> If I understand it well, there must be two environments, a shelter and some open space right?
> how big is the shelter and how big the open space?
Best check organic regulations for good guidelines on internal and
external space --> www.ifoam.org or your Spanish regulations.

> How can I get the eggs without entering the pen all the times?
Nests that have a flap on the outside of the coop.
> >
> > What part of Spain do you live in?
> Wow!, where did I mention that I live in Spain?
answering for Lawrence here: @wanadoo.es is the clue

 ... Anyway I live in Barcelona,
> not quite the land of Flamenco though.
> Thanks and all the best
> Antonio

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