[permaculture] Amish farm in Tennessee needs transplant community to buy and enjoy it (or part of it)

Treesa Jane Rogerson treemail at cruzio.com
Fri Jan 10 01:32:53 EST 2003


First:  An Amish father of five needs only $2500 per year to live abundantly.  He makes $11,000 each summer selling his awesome organic produce in town 3 days a week during the harvest seasons.

One thing I did do over Christmas break was behold this beautiful 135 acre site in Sweetwater, Tennessee that the Amish community is leaving because they have simply outgrown it.

Stream runs through it, 12 wooden houses built (8-12 years old), irrigation from gravity buried pipe from uphill pond, no conventional electricity, no plumbing, hand pump wells (full of sweetwater), sun galore (mostly east and south exposure at base of ridge), surrounding 90 acres protected by ownership, organic practice, community layout.

The neighbor bought the land to keep it from the developers, now needs some help with dollars.

The costs are very low.  George would like someone to buy it:  $475,000 for 135 acres.  

OR- $4500 per acre

3-level houses $10,000 each (main, upper rooms, basement/cooler for foods.

I will be talking to a healing arts school that wants a permaculture setting tomorrow.  Please pass this along to those with like mind.

Further, there is a very old grist mill along the river nearby that George plans to renovate and make functional.  The potential is great for anything related to historical interest, tourism (to make the buck to buy the barn), to just relaxed living on the land.


Sweetwater is halfway between Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee (about an hour from each)


Treesa Rogerson, M.A.

Lands Alive : Ecology By Design

treemail at yahoo.com
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