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Here is information on three new lists that support a variety of aspects of permaculture.

+++MaxLifeView and MaxMaryland+++

MaxLifeView is a list for those working toward a positive, healthy life style while at the same time choosing to avoid heavy consumerism. It is for people who choose their activities with careful consideration to the pleasure they bring as well as all their costs.

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Square Mile Living

Topics invited for posting include how you are simplifying your life, how you are bringing more pleasure to yourself and others, tips for saving money, low(er)-cost whole food recipes, things you like about your life and things you want to change, groups you are involved with that support your lifestyle/changes, books or magazines you would like to recommend, other email lists or websites related to the list, questions concerning changes you would
like to make, thoughtful or thought provoking quotes, and any other related information.

Posters are requested to be helpful and constructive and avoid flaming other posters. The list is intended as an offering of helpful ideas and not intended to pressure people into adopting a certain type or level of lifestyle. 
To subscribe to the global list send an email to MaxLifeView-subscribe at yahoogroups.com .
For a list that is centered around the same topic, but also shares information about specific helpful places, people, and events in the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area send an email to MaxMaryland-subscribe at yahoogroups.com .
Please feel free to post this to other lists as appropriate.


Square Mile Living is a concept popularized by Vicki Robin, author with Joe Dominguez of Your Money or Your Life.   In Square Mile Living people try to live as much of their life as possible within a mile radius (squared off) of where they live.   This tends to focus and simplify life and increase the interdependence and health of the local economy.   Additional benefits include time saving, frugality, community building, reduced footprint and ecological improvment.   In general you can expect that you could walk to any place in your Square Mile Block in 20 minutes or less although cliffs, canyons, and bodies of water create exceptions.   And besides all of those wonderful, and at times lofty seeming goals, Square Mile Living is also a fun personal and group challenge.   What percent of your life can you live in your Mile area?   How much can you improve that percent each year? 

To locate your Square Mile Block (SMB), find the spot of your residence on a map.   Mark dots one mile to the north, south, east, and west of your residence.   Each of these dots will be the center of a line that forms your Square Mile Block.   Draw the four lines.   Your block will be two miles wide and two miles long with your residence in the center.   So your Square Mile Block is a total of four square miles.   Much of the space inside your SMB will be a mile or less from your residence, making many locations a short walk.   However, since it is a square rather than a circle, the diagonals from the residence to the corners of the square will be a little more than mile for part of the way along with some of the locations toward the corners of the square. 

The next step is to see what sort of opportunites abound in your Square Mile Block and how to enjoy and increase them.   We will share ideas for this on the list. 

(Please note that Square Mile Living is also sometimes called Mile Square Living.) 

To join the list, send an email to SquareMileLiving-subscribe at yahoogroups.com .

Please feel free to post this to other lists as appropriate.

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