Fwd: [permaculture] Taking $ from evil doers, fossil fuel

Marimike6 at cs.com Marimike6 at cs.com
Thu Jan 2 10:39:05 EST 2003

Hi, it's me again, a month late with my comments.

If our overall goal is to reduce the burning of carbon (see the comment chain 
below) and watch it end up in the atmosphere instead of in the biosphere, we 
need to keep in mind that according to our best authorities (and this is kind 
of hard to measure accurately) the amount of carbon de-sequestered due to 
burning and clearing land dwarfs that lost to fossil fuel burning by a very 
large margin.

So we would want to consider alternatives to the way land development is 
currently handled-- not only in this country but across the world. And the 
only way to do that would be through population controls such as teaching 
women's rights, family planning and birth control. Because if they're born 
they gotta eat, don't they? They're going to have to live somewhere, too. 

And as more land is cleared to make room for more cities and more cropland, 
the whole planet begins to look more like China or India-- bare dirt with 
lots of people on it. The carbon is missing.

And as the global economy brings some degree of prosperity to everyone on the 
planet, they're going to want to buy a cheap little car, or at least a 
scooter, to drive around in. And that means a couple of billion more 
vehicles, whether or not they are fuel efficient. These motor vehicles will 
be bought from "evil doers" trying to make a buck.

And they will run on fossil fuel up until the very day a way is discovered to 
run them a bit cheaper on hydrogen, or chicken flickings, or any other fuel. 

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