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>    1. Re:Greenhouse design (Claude William Genest)
>Greenhouses overheating are an issue even up here in Northern Vermont.
>What I've been thinking is: Since the sun is high in summer, low in winter 
>and heat rises, then why is a glazed ceiling necessary at all ?!
>Why not a solid insulated roof with say a couple of solar wells/tubes ?
>This would lower construction and maintenance costs, increase heat in 
>winter and block out sun in summer....

This is exactly what we do in New Mexico where it is a balmy 13 degrees 
Fahrenheit right now.  I have about one-third of my roof in triple layer
calcium carbonate (plastic glazing), which I have to cover with 50% shade 
cloth in summer to prevent overheating.  I need the extra light because I 
am growing tropical fruit plants and they need the extra sun from 
overhead.  It works fabulously in winter, with affordable heat loss at 
night.  I have loads of mass surrounding the greenhouse in the form of 
adobe walls and slab floor.  Overheating can also be controlled by venting 
at the roof peak.  I have two large vents with ceiling fans below that pull 
hot air up and out the vents, which I close in winter, and reverse the fans 
so they blow warm air down to the floor.


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