[permaculture] Re: Greenhouse Design

Claude William Genest genest at pivot.net
Wed Dec 31 16:37:33 EST 2003

Paul wrote:
>  if you are
> going to concentrate the light to get it through the roof, then you 
> are going
> to be faced with having to evenly disperse the light inside the 
> structure
> again for optimal plant growth. I'd love to know how they accomplish 
> that.

Claude replies:
I don't know either, but I did see a glazing product at the Greenbuild 
Expo I attended that did a great job of dispersing light.... Can't 
think of the name off hand and it was super expensive...
> I've been in passive solar greenhouses with slanted sunwards glazing 
> and
> insulated roofs and polewards walls. These are fine for home 
> production, but

Yes, I was thinking small scale.... I understand that these new solar 
tubes work quite well at dispersing light but have not actually seen 
them in operation.... They are affordable....
> Excessive humidity leads to disease
> problems such as mildews and fungi.

John Cruikshank's greenhouse design in which warm air is circulated 
through the soil is quite ingenious... His greenhouse is built up 
against a straw bale wall  - pretty strong evidence that it's 
working....this I have seen in operation and was amazed...

Also, I am also amazed that while there are little hobby greenhouses 
and big commercial versions, there are no attached-to-the-home 
functional sustainable greenhouses.... a real niche here ! especially 
since another way to "control" humidity is to funnel it into our 
winter-dried homes...


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