[permaculture] Urine on the roof

Kathy Carter-White kathycarterwhite at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 29 22:53:07 EST 2003

Nancy Jack Todd was a guest at the Sustainability Institute this fall, 
and brought slides all the way back to the '70's about OceanArks' work.  
What you see on the homepage is a lagoon with waterplants suspended and 
floating on the surface using a grid.  You might use something like 
chickenwire to plug the plants thru.  She related that they just began 
experimenting with different plants and acquatic organisms and replacing 
them until they found what worked.  Sequences of aeration, turbulence, 
settling and sunlight are all valuable degradation techniques if you can 
incorporate them.  I don't know about the salt... controlling it thru 
dilution?  So, the more disproportionate the volume to the area you can 
integrate, the more treatment activity you'll want.  Waterfalls!  River 
cane, bamboo, cattails!  Courseworks and canals!  What a great project.  
Send pics? 
Kathy, Oklahoma

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