[permaculture] Access road run-off control strategies.

Kelly Finigan kfinigan at spots.ca
Mon Dec 29 15:53:12 EST 2003


On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 00:22:09 +0100, Antonio Scotti wrote
> Hello Rick,
> ...never too late! ...
> what would it be a good way of collecting water runoff? Perhaps 
> having a channel on each side of the road?

Rick's idea is great. Visualize one swale on each side of the road leading 
off of each "bar". The swales will be perpendicular (90 degrees) to the road 

 Also how can I could I 
> efficiently trap/filter the debris that are carryied along with the water?

Kind of depends on the type and volume of debris, but a small settling pond 
or "pit" along the swale generally works well. Make the pit close-ish to the 
road. Sediment and larger, heavier trash will go to the bottom of the pit. 
Grow a grass or other crop in the pit - the vegetation will trap more debris 
and oils and greases from the road will absorb onto the leaves. Make the 
water pass over/through a small rock "dam/french drain" to get to the rest 
of the swale...this further filters the water and retains more trash 
including most "floatables" like plastics.  

have fun!


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