[permaculture] Access road run-off control strategies.

Antonio Scotti antonio.scotti at tiscali.es
Sun Dec 28 18:22:09 EST 2003

Hello Rick,
...never too late! ...
what would it be a good way of collecting water runoff? Perhaps having a
channel on each side of the road?
Also how can I could I efficiently trap/filter the debris that are carryied
along with the water?

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> Antonio;
> I was going back thru what I missed when I headed south, and found your
> query.
> I'd recommend frequent road bars, built of whatever is cheapest: steel,
> rock, or wood. By using a foreign material they will tend to be
> self-maintaining, and the runoff can feed trees. The road bars should be
> placed everywhere that water *begins* to run on the road during a heavy
> rain. (yes, get out there in your raingear and observe!) I usually
> my road access with a pick and a rake; with the sand, you'd only need the
> rake. Frequent work with handtools means you don't need the bulldozer.
> I'll be doing it today.
> -Rick
> still raining. still dreaming in Oregon
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