[permaculture] Re: Alternative Food System Description

Kathy Carter-White kathycarterwhite at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 24 16:52:31 EST 2003

What a gorgeous place!  I'll be coming back to see more of your website, 
Guy.  www.oklahomafood.org in April will be publishing online a couple 
of documents... (probably 60 page pdf files) .... SARE reports which may 
be helpful to you.  We'll be telling about how our Co-op came to be, and 
some of the issues and decisions along the way.  And we'll be putting 
out a sort of piece for politicians and rulemakers, so they can know 
what helps and hurts the development of these community 
entrepreneurships.  Ron Cox and Joanne Lee in  Olympia would be a couple 
of good urban contacts, because they are tuned to special food and 
Joanne is gifted at working with cooperative communities.  I have lost 
track of their email addy.  I'll try to send you it.  If you want to 
monitor the daily chatter among our members, we are at yahoogroups name 
OKFOODRET  (You probably know how to join and then the emails come to 
you like lists.ibiblio).
Merry Christmas!

Guy Koehler, Rivendell Ranch wrote:

>I'm in WA State, near the Pacific Ocean. Your email (Kathy) is very
>intriguing, and seems to point the way towards my goal here of creating a
>co-op / csa that connects farmers with local consumers for organic grass fed
>meats, dairy, vegetables, herbs, flowers, gourmet / medicinal mushrooms and
>also recreation (camping, cob Hobbit cabins).
>My ranch, Rivendell is 160 acres with lambs, hogs, and soon a green house.
>There is camping now and we are building cob Hobbit cabins next year.
>I am hoping that you may have already solved a lot of the problems I am
>trying to address:
>- sustainability
>- organic grass fed
>- fair profit to farmers
>- fair prices to consumers
>- development of local economy
>- community
>Thank you for your time,
>Guy Koehler
>Rivendell Ranch
>Hoquiam, WA 98550
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